Why Me?

Preston Dial

I have been a professional photographer for almost 40 years; my portfolio includes weddings (many, many weddings), family portraits, senior class portraits, professional portraits, and commercial photography,

Lately I have begun concentrating almost solely on the real estate market, as I see the greatest need for professional photography in this long-neglected area. Think about it: When most homes go up for sale, either the realtor or the home owner takes out their smart phone and snaps off a few (or a few dozen) shots of the home, as is, and then slaps them up on a website for prospective buyers to view.

Those unprepared, and most always non-professional, photos are the first thing that your potential buyers see when they are making the decision to look at your home. NOT the decision to buy your home, but whether or not to even look at it. Shouldn’t your home be represented in the very best light?

Pun intended, as it is often the lighting that ruins those quicky-type shots. When I photograph a home, I use the professional skills I have earned through years of practice to get just the right light, just the right perspective, just the right look to make your home a “best seller”.

So, bottom line… hiring me to photograph your home (or commercial building) will help it look it’s best, help it sell for more, and, for you agents out there, help increase your commission!  You’ll find that my services are affordable (which is not the same thing as ‘cheap’), and worth every penny in return.

Here’s a video (courtesy of Sandhill Studios) made about me and my practice, back when I mostly concentrated on wedding photography. I hope it gives you a better idea of what to expect when you hire me, regardless of the service!